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Secular movie with spiritual message Bruce allmighty

I have watched  this movie so many time, I never get tire of watching it, It is one of my favorite movies. my kids like it  It was done by secular Hollywood but I believe it has a good message.  As many of us Bruce was blaming God for all his problem and for not listen to what he wanted. like many of us he was selfish and he relationship with God would have been only for his advantage.




  • Bruce girlfriend’s name was GRACE but he was not really committed to her. The more he was looking at his life and the material things, the more he was getting apart from Grace.     —>( we can relate that to in our christian life an dhow the GRACE of God is there for us but the more we get involved in the world and material things the more we loose connection to that grace and the benefit of it)
  • At some point Bruce was praying for God to send a sign and God delivered many sign but Bruce did not look at them.    —>(remains it of us we believe our prayer are not answered because we are looking for our predetermined answers and do not even care about the one God is giving to us).
  • We always want our prayer to be answered as we ask, however when Bruce answered all prayer of the people as they wanted did not bring happiness to most of them and it surely brought suffering to the whole community.    —>(God knows what is best for us and if he does not gave us what we ask is because he knows what is best for us).

There are many other things we cant take from that movie, of course is not all perfect, after all is a Hollywood production. What did you see that make biblical sense to you? let us know.