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In and Out Burger

I heard of In and Out Burger, and since I’m trying to write about all Christian companies, I really want to visit them. However they are based in the California area. I had the chance to travel to California the summer of 2015 with my wife and luckily for me there were a few close to me. I visit one and man they are busy the car line was long and they have services going out and taking order before they get to the station. inside was jam packed with costumers and they also have outside seats. I counted 17 employee at the location and they were working fast to keep with the line. there was a well known fast food restaurant across from the street and they only had one car in the drive thru.


The menu is simple, about three options to choose from. the kitchen was open and you could see the employees peeling and cutting fresh potatoes. is up for you to visit them and see if their burgers are good. I only want to give you the information please comment and let us know what do you think.  if you ever visit them look under the cup and you will see bible verses. We like people who are openly Christian. If you visit one let me know if you like them..




According to In and Out’s website they are running 2 foundation:

In-N-Out Burger created the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation to open paths to freedom for those who are enslaved by any person or substance.

Since 1984, In-N-Out Burger has been helping abused and neglected children. It is our way of giving something back to the communities where we live and do business. More importantly, it is a way of giving victims of abuse something they might not have…hope!




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