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TDB0009: The abomination of idolatry

Isaiah 46:
9 Remember the former things of old; Because I am God, and there is no other God, and there is nothing like me, 10 who proclaimed the coming from the beginning, and from ancient times that which was not yet made; That I say, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all that I will;


God had a complaint with Israel: his idolatry. God has idolatry as one of the formidable sins because he calls it an abomination, that is to replace it with other gods or to make statuettes in the likeness of him or whatever is in the heavens or on earth. God commanded that nothing be done in His image, why would they become like Him? This order of God is absolute. His anger is so great that it describes the absurdity of the human being to make a shape of a piece of wood or other material to represent a god or God himself.

Isaiah 44: 9 The image-formers, all of them are vanity, and the most precious of They are for nothing useful; And they themselves are witnesses to their confusion, that idols neither see nor understand. 10 Who formed a god, or who fused an image that is not profitable at all? 11 Behold, all his people shall be ashamed, for the craftsmen themselves are men. All of them will gather, they will appear, they will be astonished, and they will be ashamed to one. 12 The blacksmith takes the pliers, works on the embers, forms them with the hammers, and works on it with the strength of his arm; Then he is hungry, and his strength is lacking; Do not drink water, and faint.

God’s anger towards such people is well founded, God makes his divinity real giving life, protecting us making it indubitable that he is the creator of everything that exists, nevertheless a man creates a statuette and carries it into his house and says this is my god or even worse the representation of Isaiah 44:13

Isaiah 44:13 The carpenter tends the rule, he indicates with almagre, he works with the brushes, gives him figure with the compass, he does it in the form of a man, like a man Beautiful, to have it at home.14 Cut cedars, and take cypress and oak, which grow among the trees of the forest; Plant pine, to be raised with rain. 15 The man then serves to burn, and takes of them to warm himself; He also lights the oven, and bakes breads; He also makes a god, and adores him; He makes an idol, and kneels before the fire. 16 Part of the wood burns in the fire; With part of him he eats meat, he prepares a roast, and he is satisfied; Then he warms up, and says: Oh! I have warmed, I have seen the fire; Amazingly this man comes to a conclusion: Isaiah 44:17 and makes of the surplus a god, his idol; He bows before him, worships him, and begs him, “Deliver me, for you are my God.”

There are no differences in our days, a lot of people in their ignorance load with figures, statues, paintings and figures of what they believe is God, however the reality is that besides God forbidding these things sharply, nobody really Knows the physical appearance of the father or the son or the Holy Spirit. All we see are mere ideas of the sculptor, or painter. It is sad that people who claim to love God openly disobey this command of not having idols in front of him. God declares himself to be God by saying that he exposes from the beginning what is to happen, this is omniscience, a knowledge that is not stopped by time, can a figure or the gods (demons) who hide behind these idols do the same? So God challenges these to show without actually being God in accurately predicting what is to occur before it occurs. Perhaps you have no idols of this nature yet you have your money, house, clothes, or other things before God and you worship him? You may have an idol without knowing it.

Written by Robert pool
Translated by Bruno Smith

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