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TDB0010: Man creation of God

Job 10:
8 Your hands made me and formed me; And then you turn around and undo me?
9 Remember how you gave me form of clay; And you will give me back in powder?
10 Did not you pour me out as milk, And as a cheese did you make me? 11 You clothed me with skin and flesh, and you knit me with bones and nerves.


It is interesting to see the videos of the gradual formation of a baby. From an extremely small embryo it becomes a complex being with a number of abilities, the work of the Almighty. In the first weeks it does not look like a person at all, however, it is. It is amazing that if a molecule, a living cell is discovered on another planet scientists would shout: we have found life on another planet; However, human life in the womb in many countries is not considered life until it is born, and that person is at risk of being “legally” annihilated. Job describes how God forms the person, even though it was conceived of a man and a woman, it is God who gives formation to the embryo and even in that condition God takes care of him,

Psalm 139: 16 My embryo saw your eyes , And in your book were written all those things that were then formed, without missing one of them.

So God watches the embryo, long before it becomes a fetus, takes care of it, provides what is necessary for it to gradually become what God wants it to be.

Jeremiah 1: 5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before I was born I sanctified you, I gave you a prophet to the nations.

It indicates a specific plan in the formation or creation of a person and a purpose after being created.

Job states that God created the person. Although the first person was created directly by the hand of God, God continues to supervise and miraculously acting in the creation of each person. Job in his tribulation describes God’s ability to shape it, but also to undo it. He made him dust and there he will bring him back. In verse 10 Job talks about being curdled like a cheese. The cheese before being set is liquid, it is milk, but after its permutation is solid it becomes something with the form that the maker wants. Job implies that man has this same process.

There may be two ways of interpreting what Job says:

  1. one is that the dust has no particular form before man was formed, so the human being lacks form when the Egg is fertilized, even in the first Stages of life, but slowly begins to take shape as the cheese.
  2. The second (and less comfortable) interpretation would be to think that Job refers to the soul. We do not know the exact process of how God “creates the soul” except God created the body and breath and was then the man a living being (Genesis 2: 7).

The word “being” identifies man in himself (soul, body and spirit), refers to everything in that in which there is life. “Being” can refer to both humans (Genesis 2: 7) and other creatures where there is life, in Genesis 7: 4, God promises to wipe out every living being that He created, including animals, in verse 23 does more Specific “from man to beast, reptiles, etc. So there are possibilities that the “box” to which Job refers is the endowment of the soul by the body, ie giving form.

This last interpretation may be correct, since the soul without the body is naked “without form?”

2 Corinthians 5: 2 And for this we also groaned, desiring to be clothed with that our heavenly chamber; 3 For thus we shall be found clothed, and not naked. 4 For we who are in this tabernacle groan with anguish; Because we do not want to be undressed, but clothed, so that the mortal is absorbed by life.

Paul is speaking of a glorified body that we are to receive in the resurrection of the dead. When the person dies the soul is left without body (naked) but in the resurrection we will be clothed with our “heavenly room”, ie our heavenly bodies. The soul after being created is dressed with skin, flesh and woven with nerves and bones “you clothed me with skin and flesh “. This clarifies that the (temporary) human body is a mere garment, where the true person (the soul) is found, but eventually moves from that garment. In the same way that the clothes we wear are not the person itself, and it is temporary, the body is not and is also temporary. So we are creation of God waiting for the redemption of these mortal bodies and said “upgrade” is near.

Written by Robert pool
Translated by Bruno Smith

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