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TDB0012: Music Ministry

2nd chronicles 20:
21 And there was counsel with the people, and he put some to sing and to praise the LORD, clothed with holy things, while the armed men went out, and to say, Praise the LORD, for his mercy endureth for ever.


The music ministry (music and song) is both boastful and despised. This Ministry is often not seen as a real (despised) ministry in the sense that it is not appreciated on the same level as a ministry of liberation, preaching, teaching, and so on; At the same time hundreds of people attend a service where there is a “good group of praise,” looking more to the musicians and singers than appreciating the praise itself. Music and chants are essential to praise God, in fact, it has become synonymous with praise as they are primary methods to praise God. To exalt God with music and songs that praise his magnificence must be without a doubt the epitome of adoration and this pleases God. The psalms, which are mostly songs of praise to God in its purest form. They express praises and blessings to God in spite of the painful circumstances occasioned by the psalmist. When we minimize the ministry of praise, we are despising a vehicle of praise to God, as we grow in praise and exalt the members of the ministry of praise, then we are obstructing the blessings of God.

This world has two realities: the spiritual and the physical. It is evident that musical worship has effects in the spiritual world. The Bible tells us in:

1 Samuel 16:23 And when the evil spirit from God came upon Saul, David took the harp and played with his hand; And Saul had relief and was better, and the evil spirit departed from him.

It is obvious here that David played the harp, something happened in the spiritual world that the demon could not resist and had to leave, giving relief to Saul. Does music have the same effects today? There are no reasons why I do not believe it as long as those melodies are praises to God. Music and songs can then be seen as a ministry of liberation! The Bible tells us that we have no struggles against flesh or blood, but against spiritual hosts in the celestial regions, hence our weapons can not be physical or carnal but powerful in God to counteract these hosts. Surprisingly, praise is one of these weapons! Few ministries of praise are without stalking and trouble, others are merely singing and touching spiritually dead because Satan knowing his ability has destroyed him even without them noticing.

The Israelite knew that wars had a spiritual aspect, not just physical, and we see the only world army with a music band! Surely no other country or army at that time nor even today had this discernment to understand that praise wins wars! In the book of Chronicles 20:21 we see exactly this, after counseling they decided to put musicians and singers in the army, as the main weapon and the extraordinary happens 2nd of Chronicles 20:22

Chronicles 20:22 And when they began to sing songs of praise, Jehovah put The children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, and the ambush of the men that came against Judah, and slew each other.  

The praises to God destroyed the enemy, God himself fought for his people because of the praise … I motive! Should praise be the first line of defense and attack in the church? Apparently so, with the music David defended Saul and with the praises and chants Jehoshaphat destroyed an army. Not only this, a man who flowed in prophecy, who had no trouble hearing God’s voice as it was Elisha asked a musician at a time that apparently had some objection 2 Kings 3:15 But now bring me a musician. And while the musician played, the hand of Jehovah came upon Elisha, let us note that at the time the musician played whatever the trouble was (Elisha was perhaps angry, because of the presence of the king of Israel, 2 Kings 3:14 , And an angry man can not flow in God, the music perhaps calm him) because of the music, was nullified. So the only problem in the music ministry to be effective is the very condition of musicians and singers and the nature of praise.

Written by Robert pool
Translated by Bruno Smith

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