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TDB0021: What God wants from you

Micah 6:
8 O man, he has declared to you what is good, and what the Lord asks of you: only do justice, and love mercy, and humble yourself before your God.


What should I do to please God? After I accept what are the things I should now practice? They are questions that we ask ourselves, because the bible is full of ordinances, doctrines and of course it is necessary to fulfill them all and not only some. The bible usually dictates everything that is sin so that in one way or another we avoid falling into them. Galatians 5: 19-21 tells us the things of which if anyone is a participant he will not inherit the kingdom of the heavens. Each of these sins comes from three sources: the passion of the flesh, the eyes and the vainglory of life (1 John 2:16). We must understand that we must accept Jesus and then not be partakers of these sins, In other words, the one who suggests that none of these sins are listed in Galatians but has not received Jesus will not be saved either. Once you accept Jesus, you must turn away from all sin and live in holiness, because what does it mean to say that we accept Jesus and continue to sin? Or that it is worth telling us that we do not sin but have not accepted Jesus?

In Proverbs 6: 16-19 God mentions 7 things that he hates. If God does not like something I believe that as Christians we must be aware of this so that we are not partakers of such sins, not that we are found to be abhorred of God. In general, God considers evil everything that he does not delight or displease. Isaiah 65:12 I will also put you to the sword, and you will all kneel to the slaughter, because I called and you did not answer; I spoke, and you did not hear, but you did what was evil in my sight, and you chose what I disliked. Here we see that the people had done evil before God and God explains that evil was everything that displeases Him. We can say then that not only Stalin, Hitler, Mao or others who made massacres, etc. Are bad before God, you and I can be bad also if we choose to do something that displeases him, like lying.

Now what does God want from us? Although the Bible is full of ordinances, and just as every sin has three main sources (which we have already mentioned), every command or doctrine of God comes from three sources. God says through the prophet Micah what God considers good, just as what displeases God is what is evil, what pleases him is what would be good. These three principal sources according to the prophet Micah are: only to do justice, and to love mercy, and to humble yourself before your God. These three things are what God asks of us, not only to live justly but to do justice, to love mercy, here there is a total surrender to be merciful because we must love mercy, this makes us look like Christ since he did justice and nobody there More merciful than our lord And finally humble ourselves before God which is opposed to pride and pride and no one left a better example of humility than our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, of course, the great commandment is to love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself (these two being the summary of the law), but the external behavior or action that would result from loving God over all Things would be to do justice, to love mercy and to humble yourself before your God.

Written by Robert Pool
Translated by Bruno Smith

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