Sunday , January 21 2018
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Backup App

I am always looking for free apps that do the same job as the retailed app to save money and put it to good work. in the organization we have a few server that need to be backed up, especially the files used by the employees. I found this great backup application, Cobian , that works great !!! I can setup the backup to run automatically and I can choose:

  • The date and time of the backup.
  • Type of backup: 1 Full backup, 2 Incremental Backup, 3 Differential backup
  • How many full backup to keep etc
  • compression or just copy the folder as they are with the full
  • choose an event to trigger the backup
  • Backup to ftp
  • Many other options (best of all is free).

I know this could be beneficial for your church or nonprofit., even for your home backup or small business. I leave you with some screenshots below if you have any question I will be glad to help.


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