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Awesome free VPN solution

I Manage 3 offices that are in different states. All need access to the same servers. I found this inexpensive solution: Neorouter ( technology. Once you create a server then you can connect to that server from anywhere in the world and you will be in your own virtual network.
I have used this solution for over 3 years. I can add computer to the domain remotely and users can remotely access the shared files and network drives. the application create a virtual network that can be access from any where given that the user has the credentials.

Here are some of the things you can do (taken from the website)

  • Work remotely and access office applications, files, emails and printers
  • Manage and maintain unattended servers
  • Provide remote supports to your customers
  • Backup important documents and files offsite
  • Build cost-effective VPN on-demand

Check here to compare with other solutions:

If you need VPN solution (peer to site or site to site), remote access and you are short of money give this solution a try.

Any question I will be glad to answer.

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