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TDB0028: Bible Fluency (Third Part)

Will there be men and women in heaven?

This question will seem strange because, surely no one has ever doubted that we will all be resurrected with the same gender, however I inserted this question because recently in a study someone said that gender is only here on earth and does not exist in heaven.   This surprised me greatly since the bible at no time gives indications of the total destruction of male or female genders after the abduction; on the contrary the idea of ​​”non-gender” is a current idea that is taking apogee in this morally destroyed society. Now there are  what is non-gender, gender, transgenic, etc., but the Bible tells us: male and female I created them, and so it will be for all eternity.

The answer then is yes. God created the genres, and they are important.  Jesus died a man and resurrected as a man, in fact, many were raised up with Jesus

Matthew 27:52 and the graves were opened, and many bodies of saints who had fallen asleep, rose; 53 And coming out of the tombs, after his resurrection, they came to the holy city, and appeared to many.

Note that these people who resurrected with Jesus kept their gender male and female, otherwise those who saw him would have been very surprised. Even though these did not have their glorified bodies (these bodies we will only receive in the rapture), besides this the Bible tells us:

Revelation 7: 9 After this I looked, and behold a great multitude, which no one could count, of all nations and tribes, and peoples, and tongues, which were before the throne, and in the presence of the Lamb, clothed in white robes, and with palms in their hands;

we notice that in heaven we are described a multitude just as I would describe them on earth. It is obvious that they are men and women. Would go against of what the bible says to think that in heaven there would be no men and women. Merely because the Bible says we would be like the angels in heaven Mark 12:25, first, in the context it is referring that we will not get married there. However, it should also be noted that angels have gender (masculine)

Will the children of the wicked taken in the abduction?

This question arises and many say it will be clear, all based on a misconception of God’s mercy. Firstly remember that God says Romans 9:15 For Moses says: I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on that which I I feel pity. So the mercy of God is not forced, but we have to look for fluidity in the bible. The only time the whole world has gone through chaos was in the flood.  will  be chaos at last with the great tribulation.  Peter himself makes this relationship:

2º of Peter 3: 6 whereby the world of that time perished drowned in water; 7 But the heavens and the earth that are now, are reserved by the same word, kept for the fire in the day of judgment and of the perdition of ungodly men.

Now, were the sons of the wicked saved from drowning in the flood? Of course not, all of them perished. Although they were innocent, they all died. The question that if they were saved is another. Isaiah speaks directly to this theme. Isaiah says.

Isaiah 13:13 For I will cause the heavens to tremble, and the earth shall be moved out of their place, in the indignation of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of their fierce anger.

Isaiah is talking about the great tribulation then let’s see what Isaiah 13:16 says:

His children will be starved before them; Isaiah 13:18 With bows they will throw the children, and they will not have mercy on the fruit of the womb, nor their eye will forgive the children.

Notice that it speaks of children  exactly at the time of the great tribulation, did they go on the rapture? Of course not. This response is not popular, but it is what is in Fluency with the scriptures. The serious test for one who says that all children leave is to give specific quotes, however, do not exist. They only  quotation: let the children come to me and do not prevent them … first we must understand that this is not a salvation verse, but rather refers to children who wanted to have access to God and wanted it prevent.

Difficult to understand verses can be understood using this method. For example, through the Bible (fluency,) we see that God does not lie . Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should repent. He said, and will not he? He spoke, and he will not execute it? Hebrews 6:18 That by two immutable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, let us have a very great consolation, that we have come to take hold of the hope set before us. This truth is through the bible-channel of the river flowing without interruption- but we see a verse that seems to cause the downward flowing river to rise, this verse which seems to interrupt the flowing bible is Ezekiel 14: 9 And when the prophet was deceived and spoke a word, I Jehovah deceived that prophet; and I will stretch out my hand against him, and will cut him off from among my people Israel. To deceive is to lie, so that this apparently for this fluidity of the bible.

What should we do? Explain this verse in the light of flowing verses to solve this dilemma, and we find this in 1 kings

1 Kings 22:19 And he said, Hear, therefore, the word of the Lord: I saw Jehovah sitting on his throne, and all the army of the heavens stood by him, on his right hand, and on his left. 20 And the LORD said, Who shall lead Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramothgilead? And one said one way, and another said another. 21 And a spirit went forth, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will shew him. And the Lord said to him, In what way? 22 He said, I will go out, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, You shall induce him, and you shall still do it; go, and do so. 23 And now, behold, Jehovah hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all thy prophets, and Jehovah hath decreed evil concerning thee.

These verses indicate what happens in Ezekiel. God is actually allowing permission for an unclean spirit to lie to worldly prophets as they think it is God speaking. The reality is that God himself is not lying, but as he allows them to believe that the word comes from him, in Ezekiel he takes responsibility for deception even though he who is obviously deceiving is the unclean spirit. Once we clarify these and note that God himself does not deceive or lie, the river “follows its fluidity” ie the Bible continues its course without problem having clarified this.

Written By Robert Pool
Translated by Bruno Smith

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