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Watoto Village in Uganda

Watoto Village in Uganda

Watoto Village is a place that I have not been to yet but I would like to visit in the future. I just love what they are doing there. I stumble on it while listen to music on YouTube and the  video at the end of this page at came on.  Is a choir of Kid, the thing about these kids is that they are orphan or abandoned in the street of Uganda even after or a few days of being born.  I love the kids they are very energetic in their dances and they have a great testimony. I’m checking if they are coming to and area close to me to watch the choir in person.

This project take on kids as babies into their well-organized villages where they have woman that serves as mother for them.  They feed them and educate them. There is a church in the villages were the kids and adult worship God so they learn about the lord at early ages.

The project aims to be self-sustainable; the milk the babies consume is produced by goats they farm.  Some of the older kid had become farmer and they even employ people to work for them and they provide food for the villages.

You can visit their web site and see more of what they are doing. They welcome visitors and encourage volunteers to stay for at least 30 days.  They offer conference every year, youngsters from around go and learn how to do similar work in their local churches.

Their website offer ways to sponsor a kid and to donate to them, consider doing that as is a good way to invest in the kingdom of God.

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